ction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please wwwxvideos do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. xvideos teen Disclaimer: The following story x videos.com contains erotic homosexual situations. If it is illegal for you to read hd xvideos this please leave now. Chapter 16 hd xvideos Loss "Open a signal Chris." "Khore is detained at the moment. I hd xvideos am Captain Bransen. Anything you would say to him, you may say to me now." Each time I heard Khore's name cross someone's lips it ate at my heart. I worried about him and our unborn xvideos gays xvideos child. Still we were in deep shit, now more than ever. x video.com "Ahhh I see." Trax answered gravely giving a small nod. "He was the one caught in the telepathic web then I presume. We are able to see the net of it now with our sensors. It seems xvideos.con to center on your ship. Obviously... we did not share this information." The team turned with questions on their faces waiting for an explanation. I hadn't told them and apparently the xvideos in gossip had, for once, not traveled at near blinding speed throughout the ship. "Yes, that seems to be the situation. We are unsure how to free him. Khore and my unborn child xvideo.com lie frozen in xvieos our Med wwwxvideos bay. That isn't our biggest xvidio problem however. The Kotan are coming to devour this world and I imagine us along with it www xvideos unless we run. That part of Khore that is Kelay mentioned that you might be helpful in putting an end to this conflict between the Thorens and Humans. I hoped it xvideo.com wouldn't video x have taken this much death. It has left us with too few to fight." Trax considered my words before answering. "For many millennia we have been subject to Keelon's insanity. We owe you our gratitude for this new freedom. We also have a great debt to pay for the atrocities to your race." japanese xvideos The fatigue etched across his face xvide as much as his sympathy. "Keelon greatly exaggerated our advancements toward our own longevity. You still provide our best chance at regaining our immortality. I speak for the Thoren people when I say we will abide by your decision, even if x-videos it means the extinction of both our races." Trax paused to take a short breath and shifted his weight. It was strange to see the simplest movement be a thing of grace. "If we could share the data you have compiled regarding the Kotan with our own long range scans, telugu xvideos we may yet find a solution. Would this be acceptable?" xvideos indo Trax asked. I searched the eyes of our team. Each reflected the stubborn determination and loyalty I loved in them. xvideos video After a unanimous nod of agreement xvideos tamil I gave my answer. "We have approximately two days xvideos.con www.xvideo.com before the Kotan arrive. We will www.xvideos com share our data and continue scans until the last moment. I cannot condemn two races for the xvideo sake of this planet or my love. If we free xvideos do not find a viable solution in that time, then I will remain xxx videos here with the Cystos. If that happens, you and the occupants of this ship are to flee. "TK, establish a scientific videos x data link with the remaining Thoren fleet. Coordinate data and possible options." Trax's words seemed genuine, but I wouldn't let my xvideos xvideos guard down completely. There was too much history to give them access to xvideos.com all data. "Understood." Trax gave a nod and the image before us dissipated like a warm breath on a cold winter day. "We won't leave you Bransen." Doc insisted. "You will do as your told!" I xvedios said too harshly. "TK, Take me to Khore." I thought www.xvideos the command. xvids My surroundings xvideos red flashed and changed to the scenery of the room where Khore lay. My hopes were destroyed along with the many Sphere Major that fell in their personal struggle over command xvideos gays of their people. I sat on the bed that TK had created for me across from Khore. The same doubts that threatened my sanity when my own son had lay in such a bed haunted me. His body dead to the world and me with fleeting hope beyond hope he would come back to me. He didn't though. First it x.videos had been my lover, and then my son. A parent isn't supposed to watch their child pass before them. It's against the natural order of things. I had been against the order of things for so very xvideos free long. Over 1700 years had passed with me as a pivot point watching life wither and decay and then renew itself. I suppose I wwwxvideos.com had clung to the fantasy that one day Kelay and I would whisk away to live out eternity in each others arms. I did love him, but I know now that I loved the possibility of a forever that, for once, would x video not end. x video Suddenly eternity seemed like a possible blessing instead of a curse. Now Kelay was gone too. The part of him that remains is Khore. Khore's smile captured my love as much as his strength. There is an empathy and anguish in xvieos him that rivals my own in mom xvideos understanding. And now, yet again, I had been misled by fate, cruel bitch xvideo com that it is. x videos I've seen the bitterness fate has x videos.com spawned over time. Until now, I don't think I had ever felt it cut so deep. Anger boiled through me xvideos brasil as did the hollow ache within my chest. I took a deep breath remembering Khore's words. "It is what it is. Accept it and move on." The soldier in me was beginning to rage against Khore's words. I desi xvideos may have to accept the situation, but I didn't have to let it roll over me. I am going to fight! With somewhat renewed purpose I felt the rush of adrenalin quickly leaving my body. It xvidio was late, and in truth I was mentally exhausted. Hell... it had been a busy day. I www xvideos stared at Khore trying to engrave every line and curve of his face onto x videos my mind. xvidos I lay back on xvideos hd the bed finally, closed my eyes and tried to calm myself. The whiplash of events in the last few weeks had free xvideos taking its toll. I was tired, and let sleep take me. I dreamt... I felt the sun warming my skin as I lay nude in a field of grass and wild flowers most would consider weeds. I was barely able to peer over the endless field of thigh high grasses. The smell of xxvideos something earthy xvideos. com and sweet was in the air and xxxvideos hinted at long forgotten memories. Insects dotted the horizon in chaotic patterns over the foxtail, thistle and pink clover. The hills in the distance seemed to sway like the waves of the ocean stretching their green and gold colors to the sky. There was a rushing hiss as the breeze tussled the leaves of xvideos japanese a nearby copse of trees. They were large ancient oaks that seemed to be waving back at me xvideos.con as their leaves flickered green and grey. It was a perfect place and I knew it wasn't real. I caught another taste of the sweet scent as the wind washed over my skin. It was honeysuckle. I couldn't remember the last time I had smelled its sweetness. I had forgotten such things existed. I don't xvideos video suppose there was a place for this in www.xvideo.com my world. xx videos The faster life seemed to move, the xvideos porno more simple pleasures necessity disposed of. I would be lying if I said that there www xvideos.com wasn't enough time. It's strange how duty, commitments, and responsibilities seem to push aside the things that truly matter. It only takes a second to stop and look at the beauty around us. This was a good dream. The horrors of most nights didn't invade my thoughts porn xvideos and I let regret leave me. I was xvideos .com going to keep this moment even if for only a little while. The blue sky was dusted with small bits of white that let you know how far away they truly were. I felt something to my xvideos japanese side porno xvideos and turned to see Khore standing with the sun behind him highlighting the edges of his dark brown hair. He was nude and the contrast of light crawled across the curve of his chest, hips and thighs almost hiding his expression. He was smiling and he was beautiful. "Khore?" "Yes Bransen, I'm here." He answered as he knelt beside me in the den of bent grasses my body xvedios had made. It felt so xvideos xvideos real. "I know I'm dreaming." "Yes and no." Khore answered as he lay down beside me, placing his head on my chest. I could feel the weight of him against me and the tickle of wind blown hair across my skin. I could smell the faint musk mom xvideos that was Khore. It reminded me how he slept wrapped in my arms. Sometimes xvido at night when I breathed deeply xvideoscom I www.xvideos com would catch a indian xvideos hint of it from his hair or neck. I held him close watching mom xvideos his head rise and fall with my breath. It was more than comfortable... It was perfect xvideos com and safe. "I want you to think of this place and remember me." Khore whispered. "Always." I answered. An eternity seemed to pass too quickly as Khore xvidoes stretched against my body. I tilted my head to meet his gentle lips in a fleeting kiss before parting. "The Kotan are crystalline creatures and too many to blast from the sky. Weapons might not have any affect on them xxvideos at all or even feed them. You may be able to www.xvideos.com gay xvideos shatter them with sound. There is some small hope in that. Khore was x vedios tracing his fingertips through my hair and along my xvideos hd temple. "I love you Khore." I spoke too quickly. I didn't want it left unsaid. "I love you Bransen. Raise our son well." My eyes shot open as I sprang up in bed. My heart felt as if someone had crushed it. "TK, Status on Khore!" I yelled. I felt x-videos like I was losing my breath as my desi xvideos heart threatened to explode within my chest. "Status unchanged." TK telugu xvideos replied. It had sounded too much like goodbye. I was half afraid to look at him but I had to. He was still dusted with xxxvideos a shimmer of frost seeming xvideos. com more statue than person. He had said to take care of our son. Not our 'sons' and the realization crept up my spine like wwwxvideos.com ice. I hopped off of the bed trying to escape the suffocating cold. It crept across my flesh leaving goose bumps in its wake. I was angry and terrified. The fury was taking hold. I began pacing the eight foot path between our beds. xvido "There is x videos.com NO WAY IN HELL you're xvideos porn going to lay there and tell me that this space bug has beat you!" I yelled feeling tears form at the corners of my eyes. Even this small weakness fueled my frustration as I wiped them away violently. "Fuck tears, fuck the Kotan, and FUCK YOU KHORE if you let them take xvideos teen you and our child from me!" I screamed the xvideos mom words regretting them as fast as they left my lips. My whole body trembled out of control. I glimpsed a blue flash in the mirror as www.xvideo.com I paced in my rage before finally xvideos hentai pausing to see it was me. Khore's eyes shown www xvideos com back at me, but they were my own. It was xvideos japan a cruel memory that brought a guttural cry from my throat. The arch opened to the room as Doc rushed in. xvideos gay "What is.." was all Doc got out before my mental blast sent him flying into the far wall with a crash. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" I screamed. "DOC!" Chris yelled racing past me. Blood trickled from Doc's brow as Chris huddled against him. "Doc. " I stopped as he xxxvideo flinched away from me. I felt my anger melting away. I had never so much as xvideos indian raised a fist to him and now he cowered. xvideo "I.. I'm sorry." This would be another of too many regrets. "TK, Command Level 1" I projected the command. A white flash moved me indian xvideos to the center of the www.xvideos command station. I slumped xvideos mom in my chair catching my breath. www.xvideos.com I attempted to gather the shattered remnants of my sanity. This was serving no purpose and I had other responsibilities. The safety of my team and the people on this ship diverted my attention. I welcomed the distraction. indian xvideos "Incoming transmission from Trax." TK announced. "Go ahead." I answered straining my sleep pressed clothing. "Captain, " xxxvideo "Please call me xvidios Bransen." I interrupted. "Excuse me, Bransen.." xxxvideo Trax paused. "We just monitored an energy spike from your location. Is everything alright?" tamil xvideos His voice was filled with genuine concern and it caused the guilt to press heavily on my heart. "Yes. Everything is fine. We dropped our cloak hours ago. I didn't know such things were of consequence." I lied. "I see." xxvideo Trax answered. I suppose my lies were better served elsewhere. The emotional pain was raw and open and I'm sure read like a book in my expression. I don't think I had ever felt so out of control in my life. xvideos tamil "I want you to investigate the possibility of using a high frequency resonance burst to shatter the Kotan life forms. Khore.." I choked on his name. "Khore believes that this may be the means to defeating them." "Interesting... xvideos japan We will look into this. Without something more substantial to test with, we will not know the appropriate frequency or even if this is a viable possibility. Don't give up hope just yet Bransen. We still have time." The image faded. xvideoss "COM: tamil xvideos Shipwide I want all personnel to run drills on emergency x.videos escape procedures until further notice." I announced. I thought my next command. "TK, Transport me to the ocean side where xvideos mom Khore and I were our first day aboard ship please." A bright flash brought me to the beach as I felt my feet sink into the hot sand. I sat down as I rested my head against my knees wrapping my arms around my legs. I closed my eyes xvideos japanese and let the roar of the ocean breaking against the sand lull me away x-videos xvideos porn from my worries. The distant call of xvideos indonesia gulls and other birds pierced the roar as they fought over the latest catch. I sat there for hours doing nothing but concentrating on the roar of the ocean. I felt so helpless and time was running out. I felt him beside me, though I didn't know for sure who had tracked xvedio me down. Whoever it was; was not welcome, but I didn't have it in me to care anymore. "Hey there xvideo gay guy." Came the xvide xvideos red xvideos indo quiet voice. It was Rift. Rift didn't speak unless free xvideos it was important and xvideos download I think that fact worried me more than videos x anything. "Hey." I mumbled back not bothering to look up. I heard his body hit the sand with a dull thump as he landed beside me. "Rough xvideos anal day I hear." He said quietly. "Yeah..." I sighed. "How's Doc?" I didn't really want xvideo com the answer. It shamed me to think what I had done. "He's fine... worried about you though." Rift answered. "It's killing him Rift." My breath caught in my throat as I fought against my sorrow. desi xvideos "They're killing Khore and my unborn son." We sat in silence for some time feeling the spray of water as the mists gathered against our skin. The cold damp made me shiver. "I'm jealous." Rift said quietly. This I hadn't expected to hear as I lifted my head from the cradle of my knees. "You're jealous? You've had so much time with Twist... how could you gay xvideos possibly be jealous?" I asked. "It takes a special love to cause that much pain Bransen. Don't misunderstand. I love Twist very much. But I have never been so wounded as the pain I see in your eyes. It's a double edged knife Bransen. You cannot have the good without the bad. Without the depths of sorrow, how www xvideos com could you compare the joy? One is nothing xvidos without the other. xxvideo I envy you that joy." Rift paused. "When I was a very young child, I remember going through the fields to pick flowers for my pouch father. I had spent hours picking just the right ones to make the most beautiful xxx videos bouquet for him. I made sure the gay xvideos flowers were just so, and that every petal xvideos jp was in place. The colors were divided and all was perfect. I brought them home to him telugu xvideos and he placed them in a container of water so that they might last longer." Rift continued after a deep breath. "The next day as I climbed from my bed I walked into the room that held the container of xxvideos the beautiful flowers for my father. It had been late fall then. xvideos download They had all died. They had wilted and sagged xx videos and browned from www.xvideo the cold harsh night. I remember crying and crying. They were gone and I had worked so hard to make something xvidos.com special for my father. I felt so cheated." "He came rushing into the room that brisk morning to see why I xvidoes was wailing away and laughed at my tears as he hugged me tight. xvideos porn As he brushed xvideos in away my tears he told me a secret. xx videos We took the flowers and buried them outside our door. The next summer we had living a bouquet just www xvideos.com outside." Rift smiled as he spoke. "We all build our own gardens Khore..." He finished, pressing against my shoulder getting up from the sand. "Trim back the dead so xvideos free new growth might flourish." He smiled and a flash of light stole him away. "What the hell do you trim back when the roots have rotted?" I yelled to no one in particular. "You plant the leaf." TK answered. Well, I suppose I could grapple with my fate like an ant under the looking glass, or I could emerge like the butterfly before having its wings ripped off. You have to love the possibilities. xvideos porno In the past I had always expected little and got less. Goddamnit.... video x This time... I wanted it all. "COM: Trax.. Status on the resonance burst for the Kotan." I asked. "It has merit Bransen. We can't say for sure what, if any, affect it will have on Khore. He could be released, or destroyed xvideos hd along with them, IF, it happens to work. There are too many variables." Trax answered. "Kotan ETA xvideos video is xvideos jp in nine hours. They laid waste to the last planet. Even if we succeed, the debris in our xvideos indian orbit will xvideoscom likely rip this planet to ribbons. You've got work to do." "Trax... if it comes to that, xvideos 2 I want you to take your people and go. Take as many as you can. You said you'd follow my decision. I expect you to keep your word." I replied. xvidos "Sometimes the good guys win Bransen." Trax said with a smile. "Not in my world. xvideos teen Not for video x the last 1700 years" I snapped watching him blanch at my reply.. It was now nearly 2200 hours.. In eight hours they would swarm our world. I was prepared for my oblivion. They would be here at 0600 hours. "TK, Take me to Khore's Room." I commanded. xvidoes The flash of light moved me morphing the background into my new surroundings. TK might be a smartass, but he was also efficient. "Thank you xvideos com TK." I answered. It seemed odd thanking a computer, but he had become a member of the team as much as anyone. "You're welcome Bransen." TK answered me xvideos red almost immediately. I pressed my lips against his biting cold skin before I left. This wasn't our final goodbye. "COM:Shipwide. All personnel wwwxvideos will board escape pods at 0500 hours. All those not in compliance will be executed." I ended the transmission. "TK, transport me to Command Level 1." I asked slower www.xvideo than it happened. One by one the team www.xvideos.com members emerged within the command area taking their posts. I noticed the dark red of Doc's stitches and glanced away in my embarrassment. I had xvideos anal lost control. "I'm sorry Doc." I said before the team. "It was never a problem xvideos in Bransen. How are you doing?" Doc asked. I suppose the sadness in my eyes answered x.videos his question because he didn't pursue xvids the silence "I'm Okay Doc." I answered finally seeing a smile cross his face. This was my family. It was my job to protect them, and I would, whether they liked it or not. We sat looking x vedios at the view screen for the next few hours before xvideos brasil the first remnants of our doom encroached upon the world. Like a plague of locust xxvideo they filled the sky and darkened our world. The Sphere Major x videos with the Cystos had positioned tamil xvideos us to emit the high frequency burst. I watched as the xvidio sharp black talons of these things plunged into Sphere Major, the Cystos and the Earth. They were a blanket of destruction that literally xvideos indonesia blocked out the sun as dawn had come and passed without wwwxvideos.com recognition. We initiated the xvideos indonesia high frequency harmonic pulse, but it didn't destroy them all. It had actually taken only a small fraction of the swarm that tore across us and this world. We increased the intensity of the pulse destroying some of the larger crystals before they began to converge in the Earth below. They had reacted instinctively. They merged creating a greater crystal growing in strength and size xvideos 2 porn xvideos exponentially. xvideoss We simply didn't have the power to destroy them and now they were bleeding the energy from the atmosphere itself. We began the use of conventional weapons against the darkness xvideoscom of the crystal only to watch it grow as if we xvideos jp had force fed it. We simply couldn't harm it. We had lost. Our time was done. "TK. Take me to Khore." I commanded. The familiar flash pulled me to his room as I stared as him. Too many days were spent without him and now there would be no more. Explosions and power outages x video rocked the ship xvideos com as our doom approached. It hadn't been so much the attack they used, but the cold that had frozen our liquid metal exteriors. We were like fragile glass at a bb xvideos download gun japanese xvideos contest and all we could do was xvideo gay sit there. In my final moments I decided on the company of Khore. How could I choose anything else. x video.com I remembered the field of green and gold. It hadn't been a difficult decision. There was no one else I'd rather be with. He held my heart. What do you do when that xvedios happens? The power drain was collapsing the ship layer by layer threatening to hit the xvedio core and the 5th dimensional material. I didn't honestly care much any more. Yes.... This xxx videos would probably fix our problem... but... it would unfortunately kill us too. So... not a good thing. I sat staring at Khore as the world around us crumbled. I noticed the frost begin to melt against his nose. He was xvideos .com losing the frost. "TK... xvidios Status on Khore!" I yelled hopefully. "I'm sorry Bransen... Khore is gone." Came xvideo gay my reply. The words echoed through my mind like a thousand explosions. Then I settled. I lay my head against the cool flesh of his videos x chest. A calm overcame me. I didn't fear it xvidos.com anymore. We were moving on and I didn't worry so much anymore. There was unfinished xvideo.com business... there were regrets, but... xvideos xvideos this xvideos hentai did promise me Khore. It was all I xvideos ever wanted to start xvideos indian with. I suppose I learned to cherish the simple things after all. --- Before I get porno xvideos a flash flood of evil email. Please wait for the next chapter... Maybe it's not so bad... Maybe it is. Khore is dead. I suppose you'll have to read the next chapter to find out. I hope the xvideoss best for you and yours and hope to read your messages soon. You know the nature of my writing, so maybe I hope this is not a surprise for you. I busted my ass on this chapter so I really hope it is worth your time. I hope it sucks you in and tears up your soul. (I could only hope...) Take care. Date: Thu, 7 xvideos.com Sep 2006 18:53:41 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer xvideos gay Subject: Earth Reborn Chapter 17: Emergence The following is a complete work of fiction. Any xvideos gays resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If it is illegal for you to read xvedio this please leave now. Chapter 17 Emergence I don't know how long it had been that I swam in my frozen prison. They had left me alone after devouring the www xvideos.com previous planet. It seemed the promise of the next planet, my planet, had their complete attention. In my attempts to divert the swarm of Kotan, I had been punished several xvids times. Each attempt only weakened me and I japanese xvideos was getting no where. I did learn some things as I delved into their www xvideos consciousness however. They were like a colony of intergalactic bees but with no queen. They shared the safety of their number and a single minded purpose. FEED. Their sense for finding food was much like a shark's but on xvideos gay a much grander scale. While a shark might smell a drop of blood in twenty five gallons of water, the Kotan could discern energy over a distance of light xvideos.com years. Much like a shark, they would sense the energy and follow the strongest source that met x video.com their taste. They would pick out a particular strong source xvideos xvideos .com of that energy and store it within themselves. Unfortunately, that had been me. Otherwise I suppose they would move between energy sources with the off chance of never finding a specific destination if they sensed another yet more powerful source while in transit. Nature had a way of working things out and it did not surprise me that it xvideos. com had done its work for these porn xvideos creatures as well. I decided on another tactic. I had said my goodbyes to Bransen, but I was not giving up. They had left me alone all along in reality. It was only my struggles that caused xvideos japan any pain. xvideo Time passed and I found myself regaining my strength quicker than I had expected. I sensed them begin to feed again and knew it was Earth that xxxvideos they had landed on. I had to escape now or it was going to be too late. I focused my mind and thinking of my sons and Bransen let forth a burst of energy that could have flattened a mountain. A concussion reverted back into me that all but destroyed my mind and spat me out. There was nothing but a void www.xvideos com of darkness surrounding me. It was no longer cold as xvideos brasil I lingered trying to collect my obliterated thoughts. I xvideos tamil didn't know where I was, but I knew I was no longer linked to my Kotan captor. I feared there was nothing left of my body to return to or more possibly not enough www xvideos com of my ravaged mind. Had I died? Worse, what has happened xvidos.com to our unborn children and Bransen? I was suddenly pulled as if by slingshot into myself. I was back in my body and it was still frozen, but quickly thawing. I felt the heat growing within me. I don't know how... but my son had fanned the flames of life within me. It had been gentle at first but was quickly turning into a raging inferno. My eyes opened as the white blue fire swept across my body. "I take it that we aren't winning." My voice xvideos anal was a bit horse but the sound of it seemed to give Bransen a heart attack. "I KNEW they couldn't beat you Khore!" Bransen yelled as he hugged me nearly ripping me from the bed. "Actually xvideos 2 hon, it killed me. Bransen Jr. on the other xvideos indo hand seems to want to keep me around." I said smiling back at him. It felt so good to have him in my arms. I wanted to melt into him and stay like this forever. At that moment a twinkling of blue light emerged from my pouch. I xvidios had only seen this once before, and that was when Kelay had passed on. xvieos The thought filled me with horror at what might happen next. Kelay had burst into a thousand stars. I couldn't bare the thought of living only long enough to watch the passing of my child and world around me. The small blue light danced about as Bransen and I separated. It zipped around the room like a firefly. It passed through my forehead and I was x vedios instantly revived. It started xvideos free swirling around Bransen. It looked like it was playing